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DITEC Software is a division of DITEC International, which is a Florida-based corporation. Our focus is to create and produce interactive and multimedia-based educational, training and investment software in areas that need in-depth expertise and knowledge. We offer competitive solutions to keep you in the front-line of your business, by creating innovative communication sources to communicate your know-how and knowledge to your employees and customers effectively.

DITEC Software is a leading actor in the expanding multimedia market, digital and Internet-based communication and education, by combining innovative solutions and expert knowledge.

We produce and maintain advanced multimedia-based productions. We provide consultation, tailored programming, education, management and integrated solutions to quickly and cost-effectively meet your and your customers' needs. We rationalize your current administration and design fresh solutions to use your potential to generate more profit.

Our highly experienced colleagues are a valuable source for you to achieve your goals. We add value to your business and better your revenue by offering expert knowledge in harmony with your company and your customers' needs.

We are managing many years of educational experience. Today we offer our clients a variety of advanced courses in Economy, Financial Market, Law, Medical Science, Programming and Applications, Digital Presentation and Design, Multimedia and Graphics, Management and Administration.

We create innovative interactive educational material, formed and designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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